Children at La Milagrosa and Ceiba in Cuban Memorial Park

Secrets of Little Havana Tour

2 hours
Wed. & Fri. mornings & every other Friday at 4:30 pm.

Learn the stories not being shared on other walking tours of Little Havana. Discover symbols and codes in the heritage district’s murals, artwork and monuments. Delve into the history of the neighborhood and the Cuban community in particular.

Group size is limited to 12 people per tour; minimum of 3 people to run a tour.

$40 for adults
$35 for Florida residents & kids under 18

Custom Tours of Little Havana

Length varies
Contact to inquire about availability

I have designed and led custom tours for a wide range clients, including VIPs and elected officials, corporate groups, student groups, luxury tour operators, families — even royalty.

Tours can include add-ons like lunches or dinners, music and dance presentations, lectures, hands-on workshops, cooking classes, book-signings, etc.

Prices vary

Jose Casanova in Domino Park

Bi-Monthly Little Havana Specialty Experiences

1.5 hours +
dates/times vary

These specialty walking tours of Little Havana are focused on a specific theme, and may include add-ons like presentations, activities, etc.

See the calendar below for a list of themes for upcoming months, and sign up for the mailing list to find out upcoming dates and get special offers!

Group size for these tours is 20 people. Reserve your spot asap!

Prices vary

Curras brothers

TerraViva Journeys Regenerative Walks, Tours & More

Length & Prices vary.
Click link below for availabilities.

I am now offering special regenerative walks and tours, some of which are offered in Little Havana. These experiences are focused on building your creative resilience in a changing world (learn more).

Walks include additional activities like journaling, mindfulness and reflection exercises, etc. Tours are like case studies of how we come to believe in “single stories” about people and place.

Learn more about these unique, transformative experiences! Open up new ways of thinking about yourself and Living Earth.

2023 Specialty Little Havana Experiences

Each month, I also offer “tour experiences” on specialty topics. These experiences include not only a walking tour but often a special activity as well. If you are interested in a custom tour, you can also choose from one of my specialty tours.


Celia Cruz and Little Havana: Azucar?


A Musical Tour of Little Havana


The Bronze Titan in Little Havana: The Great Afro-Cuban General, Antonio Maceo 


The Warriors and the Brotherhoods: Little Havana and Covert Operations


Hatuey, the Guajiro, and the Cigar:


The Two Sacred Mothers: Cachita & La Virgen de Regla in Little Havana


Orishas of Little Havana


Ancestral Forces: The Power of the Ceiba


Holiday Traditions in Little Havana