Intriguing Little Havana walking tours and experiences led by expert local guide Corinna Moebius, Ph.D., co-author of A History of Little Havana. Care about people, place and planet? Then these experiences are for you.

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La Milagrosa in Cuban Memorial Park
Marisol Blanco dances Ochun
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Take a memorable, mind-opening journey through Little Havana with the co-author of A History of Little Havana. Enter a world where magic, politics and culture intersect.

If you’re like most people planning a visit to Little Havana (in Miami, Florida), you imagine locals smoking cigars, playing Cuban dominos, and dancing to Cuban beats. 

But Little Havana and its Calle Ocho heritage district have intriguing histories, too, in addition to these social rituals. My weekly, specialty and custom Little Havana walking tours weave together cultural heritage, history, magic and even ecological aspects of the neighborhood.

After taking one of my multi-sensory Little Havana tours, you’ll not only be better informed. You’ll experience transformative and inspiring Aha! moments that will stay with you long afterwards.

Guests on my walking tours have included world and grassroots leaders, CEOs, professional and student groups, families, scholars, journalists, and more.

A History of Little Havana

Dr. Corinna Moebius co-authored A History of Little Havana, a “people’s history” and the most in-depth book about this famous Miami neighborhood.


In addition to my weekly 2-hour “Secrets of Little Havana” walking tour, reserve a spot on my bi-monthly themed specialty tours of Little Havana.

I also offer custom tours of Little Havana and unique regenerative walks and experiences.


Perhaps you–like me–don’t want to settle for a “single story” about people and place. I share the facts and intriguing stories that are too often silenced, forgotten or overlooked.

My clients don’t want stereotypes. They want to build knowledge and understanding. My tours expand awareness of the complexity, creativity and interconnectedness of communities past and present, near and far.


My tours abide by principles of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the Future of Tourism coalition. I offer tours in a way that contributes to my local community instead of exploiting and negatively impacting local residents, businesses or the environment. 

As a planetary thinker, my experiences also nurture awareness and care for people, place and the Living Earth.

Vivian Rueda

“My husband and I have been able to indulge in a great deal of travel and in those travels we’ve met some amazing tour guides. These are people who live and breathe the essence of their cities and neighborhoods. Corinna is such an individual.

If you have ever been curious about Little Havana … or if you are just visiting, Corinna is your best bet to truly understand the heartbeat of this community.

Highly, highly recommend her tours!”

Viviana Rueda



My name is Corinna Moebius, Ph.D. I’m a local cultural anthropologist and public historian who has devoted more than a decade to the study of this storied neighborhood. Since 2006, I’ve designed and guided cultural heritage walking tours of Little Havana.

While I’ve already co-authored A History of Little Havana, I’m currently finishing my own book on the history and politics of the neighborhood’s Calle Ocho heritage district. My book and my tours are based on years of fieldwork, more than 50 interviews, and extensive archival research.

As Mentioned in The New York Times, NPR & Other News Outlets

Based on my Little Havana expertise, I’ve been interviewed by The New York Times, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, National Geographic Traveler, 60 Minutes Australia, Germany’s Der Spiegel and other news outlets worldwide. PBS featured me in a documentary based on my work in Little Havana, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation also featured me in its Little Havana Me Importa exhibit.

I lived for nearly 15 years in Little Havana, earning an award as “Community Champion” based on my civic leadership. I’ve also led its monthly arts and culture festival.

Corinna Moebius


What is Little Havana?

Little Havana is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, designated a U.S. “National Treasure.” Sometimes nicknamed the “Latino Ellis Island,” it’s the place where you’ll hear the “Cuban American success story” repeated over and over again.

Yet have you ever wondered how a single neighborhood became such a powerful symbol, nationally and even internationally? Have you ever asked yourself why?

I shed light on the stories that you haven’t already heard.

Experience secret Little Havana. The symbols. The magic.